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Powerful campaign setup with no additional cost

Increase your turnover

Our biggest aim is to push your turnover -zero risk for you- we only get a commission on generated sales through our AdWords campaigns.

Aiming the best results

Google Shopping is our passion we aim for nothing less on being experts on this field. Let us convince you!

Contract Terms

You don't have to be concerned about contract periods, pause or cancel at any time.

Predictive Bidding

we use several million datapoints that allow us to identify the perfect time and amount of every single bid.

Feed check & feed enrichment

We have extensive background in feed optimization, tools and automated processes to get the best performance out of your feed.

Seamless integration

Just provide us your datafeed and the commissions that you want to pay, the rest is on us.

Start increasing your sales at no risk!

A quick guide to Google Shopping

There is a ton of information out there about Google Shopping, here we try to give you a short overview of the most important topics, if you want detailed information we recommend our blog section where you will find a link collection of other sources as well as from our competitors.

The mighty product feed

The possibilities at Google Shopping are incredible, however you will not be able to get the full potential out of it if you don't provide a good datafeed, or let's say it like this: "the better you feed the more revenue you will generate." What you need to provide depends on the items you want to sell. You want to sell electronics? GTIN or EAN is a must. Mothers Day is around the corner and you sell flowers? You better have your stock and delivery time up to date.

Provide everything you can in your feed
Provide it like Google wants you to provide it in the feed
Provide only offers that are available

Campaign setup

For each of our advertisers we create our proven campaign setup with different dimensions on mobile and desktop devices. Besides this we use different priorities settings, global and category specific negative lists and product groups to get the most out of each campaign.

Campaign settings per device
priority settings on device level
Global and category specific negative lists

Designed for all use cases

You are not active on Google Shopping? Hell Yeah you should of course work with at the very least with one CSS publisher! Of course you should choose us!

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Well you had them all, or the company is not ready yet to let somebody else take the risk and promote your offers at Google Shopping. Well again: Of course you can choose our DIY-Service where you will at least benefit from the 20% bid advantage on each click.

New to Google Shopping

You are not active at Google Shopping? Contact us immediately you are missing out one big revenue stream.

Already active on Google Shopping

In our opinion you should work with several CSS publisher or agencies, there is no other way to secure that you are getting the best out of your offers.


Well you are either a Shop or an agency and want to have every campaign in your own control, that this is perfect for you. We will provide you: "an offer you cant refuse"